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We know that Google hates slow websites. If you have good quality content but your website loads very slowly, you will not get a Good search engine ranking for your target keywords. Visitors also hate slow websites because no one wants to wait while they have millions of other choices. So, you should always try to improve the speed of your website. If we are using WordPress, you can use caching plugins to improve WordPress blog speed.

New WordPress installation is always fast. When we install the custom theme, a few other plugins, and content, the Speed of the WordPress blog decreases  As the number of posts increases, it affects the load time. Each time a visitor requests a page, it runs many queries and loads lots of images on the visitor’s browser. To reduce the load time, caching is the recommended process.

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What is Cache?

The Cache is temporarily stored data for quick access when needed. This concept is used differently in different things. For example, your browser keeps a copy of a web page in its cache. When you revisit the same page, it serves the copy of the page it saved in place of loading the page from its server again. In this way, it serves you results faster.

WordPress is a dynamic content management script. When you open a web page, the request runs a PHP script that fetches information from the database by running several queries. This process takes time. Caching plugin saves a static HTML copy of the webpage and serves it when the page is requested. In this way, there is no query or PHP script execution. The page will load faster.

Caching is important because it reduces the load time of your blog. This is the reason, you need a good caching plugin. For WordPress, there are many nice Caching plugins available that we can use to speed up WordPress-based websites.

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Best Caching Plugins For WordPress

These are the best Caching Plugins for WordPress. If you want to improve the performance of your WordPress blog, install any of these cache plugins.

1. WP Rocket

WP Rocket is paid plugin but the best caching plugin available in the market. It is easy to use, so a non-technical person can also use it without any trouble. The plugin lets users enable caching in their WordPress website with one click. It automatically turns on recommended WordPress caching settings like cache pre-loading, gzip compression, and others. The plugin also includes other notable options like lazy loading images, CDN support, DNS pre-fetching, minification, and more for reducing the load time of your WordPress website.


2. WP Super Cache

Wp Super Cache is the most popular caching plugin for WordPress. It comes with easy to use interface and very few settings. For users using a shared server, this is a must-have plugin to keep server load low. This plugin cache all your WordPress posts as a static HTML page and serve it to visitors. Thus it reduces many database queries and reduces page load time. The plugin uses multiple ways to cache files. You should consider your server before selecting the cache method. This plugin keeps cache of pages and posts. It also compresses pages before compressing to reduce the cache page size. The plugin also supports preloading, garbage collection, CDN, Rest API, and more. When you look at the plugin’s dashboard, you will find several options. You will have to be careful while selecting options.

It also comes with CDN support. If you have any CDN service purchased, you can configure WP Super Cache along with CDN.


3. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is another popular WordPress caching plugin that is used by many popular WordPress blogs including mashable.com, smashingmagazine.com, makeuseof.com, and yoast.com. This plugin caches static content to your pages and comes with built-in CDN support. You can easily configure CDN with this plugin. It also has easy options to configure Cloudflare free CDN and other caching methods. The plugin is compatible with shared hosting, virtual private, and dedicated servers. It also supports AMP pages. The plugin saves a minified version of pages. It also minifies CSS and JS files of your web pages. The plugin also defers offscreen images using Lazy Load and can also remove render-blocking JS to make pages faster. It also adds expired headers and supports browser caching.

In case you have a problem using this caching plugin, you can get paid support from developers.


3. WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache is also one of the best cache plugins for WordPress. It is available on the official WordPress plugins repository. You can download it for free but there is also a premium version with more features.

Loe other caching plugins, this plugin also creates static HTML pages to make your website faster. It also minifies HTML and CSS files. It also implements browser caching, combines many CSS files into one, optimizes images, does database cleanup, and more.

You can define Cache Timeout, block cache for a specific page, Enable/Disable cache option for mobile devices, and Preload Cache. It also supports SSL, CDN, and Cloudflare.


5. Cache Enabler

Cache Enabler is a similar caching plugin that creates static HTML pages of your WordPress blog posts. The plugin is free and provides different options for caching. It comes with minimal configuration options but does what it promises. It uses an Efficient fast disk cache engine. It automatically clears the cache when it expires but you can also manually purge the cache. It also comes with WebP Support as an advantage. The plugin boasts to offer a fast and efficient cache engine. It supports both manual and automatic cache clearing. The plugin supports WebP and can convert images to WebP using Optimus. It also supports Brotli and Gzip pre-compression support.


6. Hummingbird

Hummingbird is also one of the best cache plugins for WordPress. This WordPress plugin optimizes your blog and makes it perform well in Google PageSpeed Insights. The plugin can enable text compression, minify CSS, Minify Js, defer unused CSS, eliminate render-blocking resources, lazy load onscreen images, and cache your pages to make the performance of your blog better. This website scans your WordPress installation and provides a one-click fix to speed up the website quickly. The plugin’s website also has different guides explaining how to use the Hummingbird plugin to properly optimise the WordPress installation for faster performance.


7. LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed Cache is also a good cache plugin that claims to be one all-in-one site acceleration plugin for WordPress. This plugin brings a server-level cache and several optimization features to make your website faster. It can be used on any web server. The plugin also offers several notable features such as image optimization, Minify CSS, Minify JS, Combine CSS, combine JS, multiple CDN, delay JS loading, defer JS loading, DNS Prefetch, and more. The plugin also brings WebP image format support in WordPress.


Wrap Up

These are the best caching plugins for WordPress websites. Each Caching plugin comes with its own advantages. So you should choose a WordPress caching plugin wisely. Read about all the features and then see what plugins you find better. Most people use WP Super Cache or W3 Total cache. These plugins are free and work well.

Which Caching plugin do you use in your WordPress blog? Share your favorite plugin with us.

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