How To Change Post Type of An Article in WordPress


WordPress comes with 5 different post types. These include posts, pages, attachments, revisions, and menus. You can also create your own custom post types. Read how to create a custom post type on WordPress. Custom post types give the power of manning the content and showing it in a different way on your website.

I own a news blog where I write news and a few list articles on the best products listicles. But the problem was that the list needs to be updated with time. Updated content is good for SEO. As the blog was on news, I used Month and year in the URL. But changing the date and time of list articles also changes the URL. I didn’t want this but I was forced to use 301 redirections from the old URL to the new URL if I change the date time. So, I decided to create a custom post type for list articles. After that, moving articles from regular posts to newly created custom post types was not easy. I did that with the help of PHPMyAdmin. But it is not the optimal way for the non-developers. So, I decided to find out an easy way. When I got a good plugin that helped in changing the post type of an article, I decided to write this article about it

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How To Change Post Type of An Article in WordPress

In this article, I will explain how to move an article from one post to another custom post type or vice versa. If you wanted to convert the post type of an article, you should read this.

I will not explain the PHPMyAdmin way as it is not easy and you may ruin your blog if anything goes wrong.

Install and activate the Post Type Switcher plugin on your WordPress. This plugin will add an option to switch the post type of a specific post on the edit screen page. So, edit the page that you want to convert to another post type. Here, you will see the ‘Post Type’ section with a mention of post type in front of it. It will be a link. For example, see Post written in front of Post Type because it was a regular WordPress post.

Change Post Type of An Article in WordPress

Clicking on the link opens a list of all available post types. Select the desired post type. Now update the post and it will change the post type of the article.

Change Post Type of An Article in WordPress

If you want to change the post type of multiple posts at the same time, you can also do that with the help of this plugin.

Go to All Posts and select the posts that you want to change. Then select Edit from the Bulk Actions drop-down menu located at the top left side of the screen.

Change Post Type of An Article in WordPress1

Now you will see many options for the quick edit. Here, you need to select the desired Post type from the drop-down and update. It will update the post type of all the selected posts in a single go.

Post Type Switcher offers a quick solution for converting post types without going into complexities. It is very simple to use and even a non-developer can use it without any problem. If you were looking for the solution to this, you now know what to do.

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