How to Change WordPress Admin Color Scheme


With WordPress 3.8, WordPress introduced the color scheme for admin panels. WordPress offers 9 different color schemes for the admin dashboard. Changing the color scheme lets you have a custom dashboard look for you and your team. If you do not know how to change the Admin panel color scheme in WordPress, keep reading. In this article, I will explain how to change the color scheme in WordPress admin.

WordPress has a built-in option to change the admin panel color scheme. To change the admin color scheme, log in to your WordPress admin dashboard. After this, navigate to Users -> Profile.

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Here, you will see the option to select the Admin color scheme.

Change WordPress Admin Color Scheme

WordPress offers 9 different color options to select from. Select the one and it will automatically change the color scheme to show you the preview. But it will not be applied until you save it.

Change the Admin Color Scheme in WordPress

Click on the Update Profile button at the bottom to save the color scheme you selected.

Different users can have different color schemes. They can follow the same step to set the color scheme for their admin dashboard on WordPress.

If you are not impressed with the given 9 different color schemes, there’s also a website that helps you get a better color scheme for the WordPress admin panel. This website lets you generate custom CSS code to customize the WordPress admin panel. It lets you select colors for Menu text, menu, Highlight, notification, Background, Links, buttons, and for inputs. Once you select colors for different things, it generates a CSS file and a custom PHP code to include that CSS file in your WordPress.

Wrap Up

Now you know how to change the admin panel color scheme in WordPress. WordPress gives the option to change the color scheme and provides 9 different color schemes. You can select the one you like and save the settings.

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